Backer Flood - Getting World Class Marketing Behind Your Crowdfunding Campaign is a performance marketing agency for crowdfunders who are in need of assistance to get more backers. Backer Flood helps entrepreneurs, inventors, and small business owners launch new products and ideas on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Since 2013, Backer Flood has helped crowdfunders raise over 10 million dollars through their performance marketing techniques. Please check backerflood reviews for more information.


Launching a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter or Indiegogo for the first time can be a difficult experience. Many crowdfunders fail to get funded without the right help. The reason is very simple: the most important aspect of any business is marketing. Even the best brands and products of the world would get little traction without a solid marketing strategy behind them. Nobody can support your project if they don’t know it exists. Backer Flood helps crowdfunders put together a winning strategy to get their projects exposed to the right people and get funded.


Backer Flood works on a percentage of the sales that you receive from the marketing. That aspect alone puts their agency miles ahead of the competition. At Backer Flood, their team doesn’t make money unless you do. Crowdfunding is a team effort so this philosophy is at the core of Backer Flood’s success as a crowdfund marketing agency.


Backer Flood uses social media marketing and Facebook advertising to help crowdfunders reach the right audience. Social media marketing is about both quantity and quality. Although you need to reach a lot of people to get a project funded, you also need to reach the right people. helps identify your target audiences and promote your project effectively. Using the latest social media marketing techniques, Backer Flood can propel your project and help you gain traction quickly and cost effectively.


Many crowdfunding projects have trouble gaining momentum during the initial weeks. If a crowdfunding project doesn’t break that pattern then they will slowly plateau and fall behind. Backer Flood helps crowdfunders get consistent exposure and backers from their aggressive social media promotions. If you get Backer Flood behind your Kickstarter or Indiegogo project, then you can rest assured that you’re getting world class marketing behind your crowdfunding campaign.


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